the Bar 11 Couture |Boot| Moccs

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If you have just about exhausted yourself finding a shoe to stay on your little cowkids feet, look no further. These have been tried + true with both of my little chubby footed babes, so believe me when I say: They. Stay. ON!

and they are so dang adorable so we all can call it a win!

Made of genuine leather that is extremely soft, comfortable, and durable, Boot Moccs are a high-quality moccasin with an added custom vamp stitching to mimic a cowboy boot!!

Sizes 1, 2 and 3 are all leather with no insole so they are the most flexible, easy fit for a baby. Sizes 4 and 5, have a slightly padded insole with a walker bottom for those ready to walk, and walking babes.

Each mocc comes with its own custom-designed boot mocc box.

Size: 2 (0-6M) Up to 4.25”

Size: 3 (6-12M) Up to 4.75”

Size: 4 (12-18M) Up to 5”

Size: 5 (18-24M) Up to 5.25”