About Us

As a has-been Cattle Industry career women turned full-time mom with a show cattle side gig, cattle have always been my passion. Whether it was a feedlot setting, seedstock production, cattle procurement or the harvest plant, I've worked + loved all segments of the industry.
And, I really like cute clothing.
Once I had a couple kids, I quickly learned I really love cute kid clothing. And that brings us here, to The Grit + Glam, which is really just a mash up of two of my most favorite things: Cattle + Clothes.
It's a love for fashion + a little flash, all tied up with impeccable class. 
Here, we are inspired by those that call this industry their livelihood. We tip our hats to the Cattlemen + Woman. The CowKids. The Breeders. The Auctioneers. The Fitters. The Buyers. And the Bonafide Cowman. We are inspired by the Sale Day Help. The Cattle Enthusiasts. The Feedlot Foreman. The Photographers. The Sale Managers. The Showmen + Women. The Ringmen. And the Legends.
And we hope to spotlight each + every one of these, plus more, on our tees.
Most of the designs are G+G Originals, meaning you will not find them anywhere else. Majority of the tees are pressed one at a time by me in my humble little "shop." The designs with the photographs are photos from none other, but the highly regarded livestock photographer, Kate Roberts (she also happens to be my cousin + built in best friend). I may have put the words on the tees, but her photographs are what give life + essence to the designs.
No matter what segment of the cattle industry you are involved in or agriculture industry in general (we LOVE our farmers, too!) we hope you find fun, one of a kind pieces that not only speak to you, but makes you that kind of excited where you stalk your poor mail carrier until they are delivered excited.
We are humbled by your support + thank you for stopping in.
The Grit + Glam Gal